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Sunburst Corvette Club Board Members

Dee R Picture.jpg

Dee Rosendahl  - President

My husband Mike & I joined Sunburst in 2010 after purchasing our first corvette, a 1994 Black on Black Coupe.  Since then we have had four beautiful corvettes and are now enjoying a Ceramic Matrix Gray 2019 Z06.  We love to travel and have adventures with the wonderful people of Sunburst.

 Since joining the club I have served as Treasurer, VP and now am on my 4th year as President.  I have helped plan the 40th and 45th  Anniversary Celebrations, volunteered at our car show for the last 13 years, planned a trip to Niagara Falls, and also organized numerous parades, participated in rallies and flash drives and have had a ton of fun.  Not to mention all the friends we have made along the way. 


Get the most out of your corvette by joining Sunburst Corvette Club.  Make lifelong friends and experience the fun of driving with people who just enjoy the ride!!


Scoot Schulz Picture_edited.png

Scott Schulz - Vice President


I have been Sunburst members with Patti since early 2018 and I have been the Clubs National Corvette Museum Ambassador since 2020. Being part of the club provides us opportunities to share experiences with other Corvette enthusiasts. In addition to participating in flash drives, fall color runs, car shows and auto cross events, during my time with the Club, I have been involved in coordinating a few events including: a drive to Road America for an IMSA race; an Italian wine tasting; drive to the National Corvette Museum; and a Fall Color Run to Elkhart Lake WI.


Patti and I are lifetime members of the National Corvette Museum.  Over the last 19 years we have owned three Corvettes: 2003 Z06; 2013 ZR1; and currently 2018 Z06.

Leo Casanas - Treasurer


The Corvette enthusiast bug bit me in 1986 when I purchased my first Corvette, a 1981 Red on Red Stingray. My wife Doria and I knew of the Sunburst Corvette Club and joined in 2021 hoping to meet and get to know other Corvette owners. Since joining Sunburst, we have come to learn that members are a generous and hardworking group that support local charities through fund raising. Whether the event is autocross, car shows, planned road trips or flash drives, the Sunburst Corvette Club members are extremely welcoming and we are glad to be part of the group. 

Sue Thorson - Secretary_edited.png

Sue Thorson - Secretary


My husband Lee and I have had seven Corvettes since 1992, and we have taken Museum Delivery with four of them.  Our current one is a 2017 Blade Silver Grand Sport.  We love to do road rallies in the Vette and had participated in NCCC rallies as members at large for several years.  Since Sunburst is a friendly and welcoming club that hosts NCCC rallies, we joined the Club in 2013.  We’ve been Midwest Region rallye champion driver and navigator twice.


Over the years, Lee and I have been on the 40th Anniversary Committee, sponsored weekend road trips and day trips, hosted road rallies, and counted ballots for the Club’s car shows.  I have also been on the Holiday Party Committee for several years.  We have enjoyed many Club road trips, flash drives (almost always to restaurants), parades, and parties.


With Sunburst, you will make lifelong friends and enjoy your Corvette.

Mike Moushey Picture.jpg

Mike Moushey - Governor


Kim and I joined Sunburst in 2013 after we acquired a 1973 black coupe with the intent to socialize with folks and to pursue an interest in Autocrossing. There was an immediate feeling of acceptance from other club members centered around a shared environment of fun and comradery. 

Having an interesting story behind the acquisition of “another“ 1973 coupe, I was inspired by a the historical significance and contributions of the WWII 332nd fighter squadron referred to as the “Red Tails”/ Tuskegee Airmen. In 2020 I dedicated my Autocross car by sporting a new Red Tails WWII Tribute paint scheme to commemorate these brave men and women who represented our country during those challenging times.

Over the years, we have helped to support our annual Sunburst Car show and I’ve held the Sponsorship Chairmen’s role and helped organize the local autocross events.

I would welcome and invite any Corvette owner to reach out and connect with our club to meet a great group of fellow Corvette enthusiasts who enjoy participating in a number of fun social events.

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