In October of 2001, I bought my first Corvette, a 1978 Pace Car and with that my search begun to find a club.  I felt being in a club would ensure I drove my car and had some fun with it, rather than park it in a garage and simply look at it.  I found a number of clubs in the Chicago area and visited a few, and in December made my first visit to Sunburst Corvette Club.  I found the members of Sunburst to be the nicest and most inviting and with that joined in February of 2002.  Within months I had taken the reigns of the club Cruise Director and a few years later moved to the Board.  Since then I have been Vice President in various years totaling 5 years, and served a 3 year term as President from 2009-2011.  I am happy to serve Sunburst as its President again in 2017.
I encourage all Corvette owners to explore and join a club!  I would love every Corvette owner to join Sunburst Corvette Club, but if not SCC, make sure you find some club to join.  I say this, as it encourages comradery among car owners, specifically Corvette owners all with similar interests in mind.  I have most enjoyed the sharing of the hobby, the great people you will meet and the friends you will make.  I love the common excuse to take a drive for dinner, overnight touring, competition events and showing a car that most of America simply loves! 
When I first went looking for a hobby car to buy in 2001, I was considering many brands and models, but ultimately landed on Corvette and am I glad I did.  I am now all Corvette and have only found Harley Davidson riders to have as much passion for a single brand/model!  I now have (2), my original 1978 Pace Car and a 2006 red, coupe.
Me and my celestial bride Cheryl hope to see you at our next meeting or our next outing!  

Duties Of The President
The President shall be the executive officer and shall preside over all meetings of the Club and of the Board of Directors. He/she shall be an ex-officio member of all standing and special committees.He/she shall perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office of the President. He/she may call special meetings of members. He/she shall be authorized to sign all checks. He/she shall be a member of the Club for a minimum of two years before being elected.



We have met many good people and made lasting friends through happenings with our Corvette – at car shows, breakfast and dinner outings, committee and club meetings and on road trips.  Having enjoyed these activities, and planned a few, when nominated to be Vice President I accepted the opportunity as a way to repay, with some of my time, enjoyment of being a Sunburst Corvette Club member.       
Once my wife and I retired we sought a common-interest hobby.  Having driven past Bowling Green KY and noting the National Corvette Museum alongside the interstate, we decided to just go for a road trip and make a personal, close-up assessment of America’s Sports Car at the museum and assembly plant.  Marilyn looked especially stunning posed next to red ones and so our search began.  That was 2014.  We “built” a C7 on-line but then decided to begin with a previously loved Corvette to make certain that the car and car-culture were a good fit.  
Our first, a 2005 Z51 Convertible, had barely 10,000 miles but as a condition of purchase I requested it be thoroughly inspected by a Corvette specialist.  Walking the showroom at Martin Chevrolet while the car was on the lift, I engaged in conversation with the owner and a Corvette salesperson.  They told me of Sunburst Corvette Club and that their dealership was a sponsor. That’s how we became affiliated with the club.
Then, a year and almost 10,000 miles later, while at Martin for an oil change, I saw it!  Our car, the one we “built” right down to the wheels had just arrived in the showroom.  I was offered renewal membership in Sunburst in exchange for buying a ’16, Z51 Coupe.  Deal done!   
As Vice President, I see my responsibilities as being a resource for the President and one to foster involvement by members, old and new, planning and participating in club activities.  A volunteer organization is only successful when efforts by members make being a member fun.  I recommend that Corvette owners, seeking social activities to enjoy their car, visit a Sunburst meeting or join one of our events. 

Duties Of The Vice President

The Vice President, in the absence of the President, shall preside at all meetings of the Club and the Board of Directors. He/she shall also perform such other duties as usually pertain to that office or may be assigned him/her by the President. He/she shall also appoint members to certain standing Committees as provided in Article IX. He/she shall be authorized to sign all checks.


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My husband Mike and I joined the Sunburst Corvette Club in 2014. We own a 2007 Black ZO6 as well as a 1965 Yellow convertible.  For the past 14 years, we were very involved in a local Harley chapter and did some very long motorcycle trips exploring the US, Canada and even Germany.  I must admit that the transition for me as the passenger from motorcycles to the corvette has been enjoyable- On a bike, when it starts to rain- we pull off under an underpass and pull out the raingear- undress- redress into the raingear, and ride in the rain- and with the corvette- hmmmm it’s raining- let’s just turn on the windshield wipers and turn up the heat if needed!!  And don’t even get me started on the room to pack when comparing the bike and the corvette- I can actually bring jewelry, extra cute shoes and still have room for makeup and hair products on road trips!!   It has been so enjoyable to meet the many members of this club and to volunteer at the car show, or other chapter events. When I was nominated for the secretary position it was a no brainer to step up and help out the club.  Mike and I are also involved with Public relations for the chapter as well.  When not involved with chapter events, I am employed at Meadows Credit Union as a loan officer for auto loans, Home equity products as well.  I have one son Ben who lives in St Louis and will be getting married in August of this year, so my days are busy with wedding and Shower planning  too.  Mike and I have been married 11 years this year and we enjoy not only the corvettes, but fostering dogs thru Illinois Doberman rescue as well.   We look forward to getting to know as many chapter members as we can!  When you see us, please introduce yourself and say HI!!

Duties Of The Secretary

The Secretary shall keep the records and minutes of the regular and Board meetings of the Club in a book kept for this purpose. He/she shall be authorized to sign all checks. He/she shall give all notices of meetings of the members required by law or these By-Laws.




My wife Sue and I have been involved with both SCCA TSD rallying and gimmick rallyes since 1990.   I purchased my first Corvette in 1992, and we started enjoying traveling in the Vette.  Then I purchased a 1996 Collector Edition, and we took delivery at the Corvette Museum, being one of the first 70 cars to do so.  We've had various other Corvettes since then, and we presently own a 2017 Grand Sport convertible.

Along with rallying, we enjoy road trips with the Vette, and try to do as many as possible.  We participated in many NCCC rallyes over the years as members at large.  After getting to know quite a few of the Sunburst members through the Fun Rallye events, we decided to join Sunburst about four years ago.

Sue and I also belong to Wheels Rallye Team, which has Saturday night rallyes starting at Woodfield in the spring, summer, and fall.  We also belong to a convertible group, the Open Air Classic, out of Wisconsin, and we have participated in their summer events for the past twenty years.

It's not just the Vette that's fun, it's the people you meet with the Vette.

Duties Of The Treasurer

The Treasurer shall receive, collect, and have custody of all monies, debts and obligations belonging to the Club, including dues. He/she shall receive all monies of the Club and deposit same in the Club account. He/she shall make all payments of Club debts upon approval of the Board of Directors. No obligation, debt, or other liability shall be incurred by the Treasurer without the specific approval of the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall develop the annual operating budget as provided in Article XII, Section 2, and shall give a report on the financial status of the Club at regular Club meetings and, if so requested, at any other meeting of the Board of Directors. All contracts, drafts, notes or other orders for payment of money shall be signed in the name of the Club by the Treasurer and approved by the President, Vice President, or Secretary.



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I have been involved with the Automotive industry for around 50 years. I bought my first car at age 15
56 chevy belaire with a bad engine
paid $40 for it. I put a V8 in it and sold it for $500. I have always been involved with racing. I did drag racing and motorcycle racing in late 60s and worked on
n IMSA Porsche race team in
late 60s and early 70s.  I have always worked in the automotive industries and retired from Brake Parts in Mchenry in 2014. Still like to challenge the C5 to the max.

Duties Of The Governor

The N.C.C.C. Governor shall serve on the Board of Directors. He/she shall represent the Club in all matters pertaining to N.C.C.C.




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I retired from full time employment in 2002 and that’s when I got my first Corvette, 1980 black coupe.  After buying that car Pat and I began searching for a Corvette Club and found that Sunburst suit us best. We’re now on our third Vette, a 2012 Supersonic Blue Grand Sport. The friends we’ve made and the memories associated with all of the Club’s activities will be remembered for a lifetime.

Since joining Sunburst in 2003, I’ve served as historian, membership chairperson, newsletter editor, car show co-chairman, rallymaster and president for four years.  Pat and I have really enjoyed showing our cars and in 2015 we were both Midwest Regional Cars Show Champions.  I’ve had a ball autocrossing and driving my cars at track days.  But most of all, both of us have enjoyed the road trips, flash drives and the many events that draw Sunburst members together to enjoy our cars and each other.

I encourage every member to join in the fun.  Try a rallye, attend a cruise night with the club, join us on a flash drive to a favorite restaurant, just get involved.  Get the most out of your Corvette ownership by sharing time and ideas with your fellow Vette owners at Sunburst.

Duties Of The Past President

The Past President shall be the outgoing President, and be a voting member of the board. The Past President provides a carryover of experience for the board. If willing to serve, he/she may serve on the Board for one year immediately following their term as President. If unwilling to serve, the position will be vacant and not have a vote.

The next event is the annual pizza party on January 4, 2018 at 7:00 PM at Lou Malnati's Pizza in Lakewood, IL